Monday, 31 October 2011

What's In Your Bag?

Roo over at Nice Girl Notes is doing a blog link up. Basically, you link to a post about what is in your bag, and get entered to win the most BOOTIFUL Elliot Lucca bag. Siriusly, it is HOTT.

First up, apologies for the crappy photos. I've been busy, and only just got round to taking them, and it's dark out side, so these are the best I can do :)

So, what's in my bag?

This is my bag. It's an Iron Fist Wolf Beater bag. I blummin' LOVE it. I use it constantly, so the straps are quite worn. (I've only had it about 4 months :/)

Contents. I carry LOADS of stuff around with me. I guess half of it I don't actually need, but I never really take it out. (Not pictured, my camera. Because... well I was using it to take the photos.)

Diary, notebook, reading book, and signing on stuff. Technically, I only need my signing on stuff every fortnight, but by leaving it in my bag I ALWAYS know where it is :) I always have at least one book in there, at the moment I'm re-reading the Sharpe books by Bernard Cornwell. I'm also reading Redcoat, by Richard Holmes, which is a history of British soldiers in the time of horse and musket. The notebook is kinda superfluous, as my diary has a notes section in it too, but it also gets used for noting down crochet and knitting patterns, shopping lists, and random quotes.

Stuff. My glasses I only need for reading or close up work, but again, if I leave them in my bag I know where they are. The rest of it... well, it's stuff. Lip blams, solid perfume, hair grips, zovirax, purse, (obvs), throat sweets as I'm currently at the tail end of a cold, small can of deodorant, iPod, pens, (oh, and a toy Sonic Screwdriver. I'm a Whovian... there is also the Doctors Phsycic notebook there), campervan keyring my brother gave me, tissues and a bonfire lolly. I actually need to eat that thinking about it, it's been in my bag about 7 weeks :/ Poker dice, USB stick and front door key.

Usually I have eyeliner and mascara in there as well, but I took it out this morning to use, and forgot to put it back. And my mini first aid kit isn't there too.. Hmmm, I'll bet someone has been rummaging...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Sorry dearest lil blog, for abandoning you. Y'see, I've just had a fair amount of socialising and hob-nobing and what not this year. I'll be back with photos and updates soon.