Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Huh, How 'bout that!

I did it guys. I opened my etsy shop - Lizs Knits. I've had three sales so far, which I am so pleased about! In ways, I wasn't expecting to have had three sales in two months, in other ways I think I was expecting more than that. Eh well. 

There has been loads of interest, and plenty of people have favourited items of mine. If they'd just purchase them, I'd be even happier! I've even had something pinned to Pinterest. That is, something OTHER than what I've pinned myself! 

This weekend, for the Queen's Jubilee, there will be a discount code available. Use "JUBILEE60" for 10% off EVERYTHING, from 2nd - 6th June.

Red Leather Bow Necklace - £15.00

Black and Silver Sparkly Flower Ear Hooks - £8.00

Green and White Lady Cameo - £10.00

Robot Ear Hooks - £8.00

Turquoise and Silver Charm Ear Hooks £9.00