Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ready For Business!

I'm not all about the cake. Even though I have another three posts ready about cake. And the last goodness knows how many posts were about cake. I do do other things as well! Honest!

I decided in February, that I would give Etsy a go. I love looking on there, and it's a great place to get inspiration. I felt that it was about time I tried to sell my own items. So far no luck, but I currently only have two items up for sale. (Need to wait until Wednesday when I get paid to list the rest.)

It'll be mainly jewellery and accessories that will be for sale on there, towards the autumn I'll start posting knitted items too.

This is the sort of thing that will be up for sale from Wednesday;

Hair Barrette

Ear Studs


Ear rings

Hair Barrette

Remember, come by from Wednesday to see what there is!