Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

I *did* iron this, honest to goodness!

Monica, of The Happy Zombie, posted the most adorable embroidery pattern ever. Of course, I INSTANTLY had to make.

I used a plain white tea towel, (one of the ones I got with The Stitch-it Kit), printed out the pattern onto A4, full size, then centered it onto the tea towel. Traced it all through using an air soluble pen, the coloured it in using crayola crayons. Ironed the excess off onto kitchedn roll then got going!

Originally it was just going to be back stitched, but then Daddybear mentioned about filling it all in. I refused to satin stitch it all (I'm VERY limited to what embroidery stitches I know). I did go so far as satin stitching the flag.

I'm really glad I did actually, I love the way it looks. I want to frame this to hang up, but I don't want to squash it with a glass front, so I'm currently working on finding a frame for it.

Close up!

I love it, I think it's one of the sweetest things I've seen for a while:)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Game Of Thrones

I am officially in love with George RR Martins epic series A Song of Ice and Fire. Seriously.

It's taken over my life. I'm blazing through the books (currently on part two of book three, it's taken some getting through, they are HUGE). I've made my mum and her friend watch it on a Saturday night when it gets repeated on Sky Atlantic. I've followed the official twitter since February. I've have the Making Of blog in my GReader since before Christmas. I follow the BEST fan twitter - Westerosorg, who also do a fan site, and seem to be two of the loveliest people around. I mention it to everyone. I know the cast off by heart. I know the characters like they're my own family. (Seriously, I even cried when Ned died in the book). I know the terms. I can EXPLAIN the terms to people that haven't a clue. I did the Maester's Path, challanges. I watched all the teasers and trailers so many times, I had them down. Word perfect. Real geek right her.

Then this morning, Making of Game of Thrones posted, a full scene from episode 4. I IMMEDIATELY went and watched it, excitement rising faster than Superman goes from 1 - 60. Dear R'hollor, I WAS not disappointed.

Theon Greyjoy, I want your babies.

I went and updated Twitter;

And thought nothing else of it. Just letting my vie
ws rest out there in cyberland.

THEN. Oooooh I was excited. I got a response!

Of course I had to respond.

I don't know if you dear readers use Twitter, but you can list the people you follow. You name your own lists, so you could have a list that is composed of bands, or writers, or celebrities.

Next thing I know, He has listed me.

Most people would be all, 'Yeeeeeeeeeea whatever.' But this made me more excited than I could possibly describe.


The two full scenes posted today can be seen here, both from episode 4.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Royal Wedding Cake

Sort of. Well, no really. You see, my Grama organised a Tea Party at her chapel to celebrate the Royal Wedding. They had it on Saturday, as they own the village shop, so couldn't organise it for the Friday. Any way, it was a real British Tea Party - tombola, raffle, cake stall, fancy dress competition, afternoon tea. She asked me and the sister to bake her some buns to go on the afternoon tea plates, and we agreed.

We took over Grama and Granda's kitchen for the morning, and caused chaos.


Go here for more photos!

There was around 60 buns left, after sorting out the rejects from the ok ones, half using my recipe, half using my sisters. Her's rose better than mine, making me think that maybe I should change my recipe :) The topping is just vanilla butter cream, with food colouring in for the red and blue ones.

It's the first time I'd used a piping bag, and I have to say, it was a lot easier than people make out. I really liked it, so much so, that now I want my own!

I also baked a Chocolate Orange Cake for the cake stall, and apparently that was the first one to be sold.