Wednesday, 13 April 2011


So, I have a wedding this weekend. Well, actually, it's Mum's friend who is getting married. We're off for the weekend from Friday. I've known what I'm going to wear since the beginning of February, Mum on the other hand, has changed her mind more times than I've had Gingerbread Lattes. About two weeks ago, she FINALLY decided what to wear. Great! we say. Huzzah! They cheer. BUT! The shoes she wanted to wear, which are TOTALLY rad, she didn't have a bag to match.

Now, these shoes are boss. I mean, they are AH-MAY-ZING! Iron First, turquoise and blue leopard print, peep-toe mid heels. They are beautiful. Now, turquoise. SURELY that shouldn't be so hard to colour match right? WRONG! We must have gone to EVERY SINGLE shop we could think of near us. I even got to the stage where I was trying to find fabric or yarn, or hell, bedding, that I could attempt to knock something up from. The only problem? These shoes are a BLUE turquoise. Everything I could find was a green turquoise, or an aqua-turquoise. Complete bust.

In the end, we gave up. Mum ordered a bag of Amazon on Sunday, that claimed to be turquoise. There was arguments over whether or not she owned a bag that matched a pair of emerald green shoes. I was adamant that she didn't, she claimed she did. (Guess who is right...)

The Amazon bag turned up yesterday. The Amazon bag is an ever so slighter shade of emerald than the green shoes. It has never seen turquoise. Damn, Mum says. Fine, she says. Looks like I'm wearing the green shoes.

Guess what. Today I managed to find a pillowcase that was ever so slightly a different shade of blue turquoise than the shoes. But dammit, it's the closest I've seen, I'm getting it. I knocked together a bag, really simple clutch style.

The photo doesn't really do the colour justice. I SHALL try to get better photos this weekend.

The edge of the flap was the edge of the pillowcase. It had some stitching that I figured I'd use to try and add interest to it. Boxed corners. Lined in the same material. Zip closure (which I totally forgot to photo. But it's a zip. You know what a zip is right?)

The embroidery is a transfer from The Stitch It Kit, by Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. I love that kit.

It says "True Love" underneath it. I wanted to try and tie the bag in with the rest of her outfit.

What have I learnt from making this bag? That I really shouldn't try to botch stuff together. I really should start making patters, or at least measure stuff BEFORE I start cutting.

It's not interfaced or anything, which I'm really bummed about. I did plan on it, but I couldn't find my interfacing earlier, and can't afford to buy any more. It'll be right though. It just needs to do it's job.

Oh. And then an hour ago, I realised that the dress I made Mum last year for a company do, was THE EXACT colour of the the shoes. AND I remembered that I had some fabric left. So I went and dug it out. And guess what? In that bag, there was also my interfacing. Dammit.


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