Thursday, 3 November 2011

I hev eh sociel seasen daaaaaaaaaahling!

I don't really. This year has just been a bit heavy on the doing stuff side.

First up, was Moo's hen do. We went to Go Ape at Sherwood Forest. Ehhh... it was ok. Wimped out on a couple of them, and hand a total melt down on the second one. But it was ok.

Yeah, Moo had us pretending to be monkeys...

Next up, Moo's wedding. We had to go to Dorset for it, went down on the Friday, came back on the Sunday. She looked beautiful. When it came to catching the bouquet, there were only, I think 6 of us took part, and three of them stood be hind the rest of us. I didn't intentionally catch it. I didn't actually want to. But when she threw it, my body took over and ehhh blah blah right? I caught it! Woop!

After that was my friend B's wedding. I love B. I met her at uni and we hit it off straight away. She... was a lesbian, but then she met Steve, and everything changed. They are an amazing couple, and so in love. It's kinda sickening really.

Also, annoying, I have no photos from this wedding. On the morning, Steve asked me to take photos, so I spent all day taking them for other people, and got none for me!

They got married in Blackpool, again, we went up on the Friday, had a catch up on the Friday night, then came back Sunday. It was really nice, getting to see friends that I hadn't seen in a couple of years.

Then was Bev's hen do. Bev is a friend from school, one of my oldest friends. I helped her and her partner get together (he was an ex's best friend. Not so much any more. That's another story.) We went to the dogs, at Owlerton. I was apprehensive - I don't really agree with sports like that, but I enjoyed it. Didn't win anything, but I didn't spend much either. It was nice to see Bev and her family again, and to get to meet some of Glyn's family.

Then, Bev's wedding. I've always wanted a maxi dress, but could never find one long enough (I'm 5' 11"). We managed to find this one in Evans, with another one that was long enough. I wasn't sure, I felt quite insecure, but then the trusty spanx came out. Phew. I really enjoyed wearing it. It was nice to not have to constantly worry about straps falling down, or it riding up at the back, or whether this pose or that made me look fat. It was nice and relaxing.

I can't wait until next summer to be able to wear it again :)

Admitedly, this photo isn't the most flattering. But I love it.

In between these, there has been various naming ceremonies, garden parties and house warmings. Been quite busy really. Thankfully that's it for the year, other than Mum's birthday, Christmas and a week away in Scotland!!


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