Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Where I Get Angry At The Broadcasting Top Brass.

It seems to be a big thing for TV channels to shrink TV show credits down into one corner and play them at double speed while someone shouts at you to let you know what is on next.

Shaun Dooley, (He's from Barnsley, don'cha know :D), tweeted and asked us to fill in this survey, on what we thought about this. Nothing gets on my ample bosom that this, so I quite happily did it.

It has a box at the end for any other notes, or anything else you wanted to say.

I got carried away;

I think it is incredibly disrespectful to shrink the credits. With nearly everyone having digital or sky, it is very easy to see what is coming up next, by pressing the information button, or similar. Saying that it is only the actors and their parents that read them is very incorrect. As a costumer, I find the credits very helpful in finding out who has done the costumes. As some one that is VERY interested in the production of shows, I am interested in who has done the lighting, the sound, yes, even who the best boy and the runners are.

If you went to the cinema, and they did the same thing, I'm sure you would complain. People quite happily sit there and watch the credits, find out who that actor was that had a fleeting cameo that they're sure they know from somewhere else, but can't quite recall, yet the moment they see the name, it'll come back to them. They sit and see who the director was, what that piece of music was, who did the FX. Okay, so TV credits don't go into so much detail, but it's surprising what can be found out from watching them.

There is no need for someone to shout over the top of the credits, to tell you what is coming up next, then what is on after that, what is on the next channel, what you've just watched. I KNOW what I've just watched, I watched it for crying out loud. I don't need to know what is on XYZ channel, I don't need to know what is on in 3 hours, I don't even really want to know what is on next. I certainly don't need telling again in 30 seconds, after playing a trailer for another 2 shows that won't actually be screening for another month. I don't need telling what I'm about to watch right before the programme either, I know what I'm about to watch, that's why, I have that channel on.

I digress.

There is no need to shout and tell us what is on next over the credits. If we want to change the channel, shouting at us won't stop us. If we were NOT going to change the channel, shouting at us would more than likely want to MAKE us change the channel. I have never met one person that does not have some form of TV paper, be it the Radio Times, or the S Magazine out of the Sunday Express. It's just as easy to pick that up and look in it. Most papers will print that days TV listings. Both of our local papers, even the free one, prints that day's and the next day's TV listings. There is no need to have Mr. Shouty-Man come over the credits to tell us.

In short, STOP shrinking the credits to let us know what is on next on half a dozen channels, while some one shouts at us in the hope that we won't change the channel. If you don't want us to change the channel, don't advertise other channels shows at the end of a programme. Or is that just common sense? Stop running them at double speed. Even me, with 20:20 vision who can read incredibly fast, cannot keep up. It gives me eye ache. Stop having Mr. Shouty-Man shout at us over the music. Yes, a lot of shows use the same music each week, (Eastenders for one), but just as many will continue the last piece of music played in the show.

It is disrespectful, rude, and downright annoying.

PLEASE, if you are as annoyed as the rest of us by the credit shrinking, fill in the survey!


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