Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mmm, Foxy Craig.

First up, please excuse the makeshift hat display thingies. I don't have an actual one, so this was the best I could do to get some quick photos to email, showing what the hats looked like.

The girl that I made Mr. Otter for emailed me and asked if I would be able to knit another two hats for her, one for her flatmate, the other for a friend of hers. She attatched to pictures to the email;

Craig from South Park
Red Fox, sewn from fleece
She wanted the fox ideally knitting. So, armed with these two pictures, I set off to my LYS, armed myself with wool, and a fortnight later the hats were ready to post.

'Scuse Momma photobombing. Although, I did encourage her...
Foxy is up there with Mr. Otter in my 'Jeebus, that's so awesome that I made that' stakes. The ears were devised by myself, the insides were two strands of DK, and one of fun furry stuff held together. I wasn't sure about whether they would stand up on their own, so considered using thin gauge wire to support them, but luckily they didn't need it.
Back of Foxy
The other hat was pretty straight forward. In fact, it was incredibly straight forward. The hardest bit about it was having to explain to people that I wasn't making it for Craig The Butcher, (someone I fancied at the time), but that it was called Craig's hat because it was the hat the character Craig wore in South Park.

Craig's Hat
The hats aren't that long in real life, it's because it's on one of those mahoosive balls of aran.

Craig and Foxy, chillin'
I have it on good authority that the hats were well received, which I'm very pleased about. 


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