Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Royal Wedding Cake

Sort of. Well, no really. You see, my Grama organised a Tea Party at her chapel to celebrate the Royal Wedding. They had it on Saturday, as they own the village shop, so couldn't organise it for the Friday. Any way, it was a real British Tea Party - tombola, raffle, cake stall, fancy dress competition, afternoon tea. She asked me and the sister to bake her some buns to go on the afternoon tea plates, and we agreed.

We took over Grama and Granda's kitchen for the morning, and caused chaos.


Go here for more photos!

There was around 60 buns left, after sorting out the rejects from the ok ones, half using my recipe, half using my sisters. Her's rose better than mine, making me think that maybe I should change my recipe :) The topping is just vanilla butter cream, with food colouring in for the red and blue ones.

It's the first time I'd used a piping bag, and I have to say, it was a lot easier than people make out. I really liked it, so much so, that now I want my own!

I also baked a Chocolate Orange Cake for the cake stall, and apparently that was the first one to be sold.


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